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Hypothetical musings
— by Jasmine Demure Jasmine Demure
Okay, first and foremost I have to make this disclaimer;  I have trouble with the idea of refusing a customer when the only color that should concern a business owner is green.

Lets just say, in the state of Indiana, that there is a store owner, who, by no fault of their own,  just happens to be a transgender woman of color.  Then, just for the sake of argument, lets say this person felt uncomfortable serving Caucasian heterosexual people due  years of of bullying and persecution. Are you with me so far? So one day a couple comes through this woman's door and they tell her that they would like to purchase her wares whatever they may be. You see they are planning some joyous occasion and they had heard she had the best prices in town for her particular widgets. Of course the woman refuses them and sends them on their way.

Do you think that couple would take offence at her actions?  Do you think the media would jump all over the story? Do you think they would side with the couple or the store owner? Do you think that in some way the local government might step in and try to explain that  somehow the store owner was in the wrong?  

I'm not sure of any of the answers to these questions and the fact that my brain has been given cause to wander in this direction is sad but it seems to be a sign of our times.  I had come to believe that humanity was making progress in terms of understanding but as it turns out I was wrong. Equality seems to be an illusion only intended for those that have the ability to influence lawmakers.  

I am as always optimistic that things will be worked out in Indiana but even if they don't there is one very positive thing that has come of all this; Any other state that was considering similar laws is witnessing the backlash of what passing a bill like this means. I am willing to bet that the majority of them aren't willing to take the chance on how much negative attention passing a bill like would bring.

I have the GLBT people of Indiana in my heart and hope for the best of them.