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Men's Health Magazine Contest...Bad or Good For Trans Society?
— by TransMusePlanet TransMusePlanet
Ok, it's a men's health magazine, so I tried to keep my comments to myself about all this, but I finally had to chime in. Many in the community have come forward for various reasons, with various opinions for and against. Shockingly to me, against. I've heard the leader, Aydian Dowling and others including Aurelius, be accused of portraying a  hetronormative  view of transgender society. Well, if I'm wrong correct me, but the last I've noticed most involved are heterosexual. Why should anyone, in a group of people such as ours, that refuse to apologize for our gender, ask someone to apologize for there sexuality?
Many of the men, including my fiancĂ© Aurelius Mark Angel, who is in the competition, have been criticized of a popularity contest. Well, again forgive me if I'm wrong here, but isn't a competition a popularity contest pretty much? After years in my early transition of  being a competitor in gender illusion shows, I hate to break the news to the men, but that's pretty much what any pageant or competition is about. True, Men's Health Magazine is not totally about looks or physic but when has anyone seen someone like Bill Gates on the cover?
Also, this idea that trans visibility is contrary to a platform on trans issues. I'm sorry but to me, visibility is a platform of representing trans issues. The idea that ANY trans man will grace the cover of Men's Health Magazine is a plus for trans society and a major plus for all trans men, who have usually flown under the radar of mass media attention.
Another issue I'd like to address is a very ugly email from Timothy A., who wrote to me via, to blast me for my lack of support through TMP for Dowling and other T men in the competition. Really? Yes, he went there. As I said to Timothy, when my man is involved, my relationship comes way before trans society. I will use TMP as I damn well please, if I want to sit here everyday and start blogging about hair extensions, and only posting on TMP social media, my hair styles, I will. Everyone is welcome to post what ever they choose, and that includes me on my social pages. It seems to me what we have unfortunately in our male counterparts concerning this, is something we women have had to deal with for quite some time, that when it comes to a competition on looks, etc., people get bitchy.
At the end of the day my sisters and brothers, what really matters here is a chance for the world to see and for our men in our community to show, that men come in all types of variations. Trans men are men, and no better way to demonstrate that, than for anyone of our warriors to be on the cover of Men's Health Magazine. Would I prefer it be Aurelius, damn right, that's my man lol, but at the end of the day there are no losers here. All Trans Men win, and all of trans society is represented once again to main stream society. Forcing them to see that we are here and we exist.
So an early congrads to All trans society on this one.
Do you feel a trans man on the cover of Men's Health Magazine is good for the comunity?
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