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Re: Men's Health Magazine Contest...Bad or Good For Trans Society?
— by Lee Penman Lee Penman
I think it would be good for a trans man to be on the cover and the way the media is hyping this I feel that MH will have no choice but to put Aydian on cover or be accused of discriminating due to him being transgender.
However I do feel that there are far better choices of trans men to take the cover who have better physiques and no private agenda. Right now Aydian is where he is due to his young social media following. I think that is the problem with social media I see it in my own field too (I have been a writer in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 30 years). People rise to some kind of transient fame and gain a following which is a wonderful ego boost but is not based on any real talent or ability (look at the Kardashians!).
Anyway I stray from the point. I think what would have been better is if Aydian had just competed without mentioning his trans status (I may hear screams at that statement). After all, to quote Devo "are we not men?" Then let us be judged as men and not allow ourselves to be entertainment in a media circus.
The contest is basically an upper body contest (that will be photo shopped to death for the actual cover anyway) so what we do or do not have below the waist is irrelevant.