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Is there a Double Standard of Gender Within Trans Society?
— by TransMusePlanet TransMusePlanet
I as the writer of TMP Blog, believe in promoting unity and understanding all aspects of Trans society. As I've said often, we can't truly achieve equality by excommunicating certain members of trans culture. A prime example of excommunication of certain trans people in our society is evident when it comes to trans women in the sex industry.
Throughout the 70 and 80's these women, for good or bad, where probably the representation of being trans in the most conservative corners of American society. As we as a people gained more diversity in representation, many, especially other trans women begun  labeling these certain women as evil example of trans life that needed to be hidden and labeled as non-trans. Ironically, the biggest segment to do so, were the former middle aged cross dresser.
As we enter a sort of trans renaissance of visibility in 2015, we see the rise of our male counterparts take center stage as never before. This is a major plus for various reason, one I've noticed is the discussion of male privilege and the aged old debate of male vs. female double standards. It seems our community is full of double standards.
Lately on TransMusePlanet social media pages, I've been doing my own sort of testing of post and how they are received among the nearly ten thousand tmp followers. One I will discuss at a later date, is the obvious racism. The one that came to me this week, is the obvious double standard we allow ourselves as a community to conserve.
A few days ago, a TMP administrator posted a Huffington Post article about a trans male escort that has made it to buzzfeed, it's become so popular.
The commenst on TMP Fb and Google + page were overwhelming positive as you can see in  picture below

Yet when, two days later when I posted this article, supportive of a trans woman escort and pornstar: The Face book page for TMP lost 12 likes in the first 5 minutes it was posted, and google +, lost 3 members in two minutes. And after an hour only one like vs the one of the male escort 96 likes, it received in 3 hours.

So I ask you, TMP readers, do we as a transgender community more inclined to submit and adhere to the gender binary than even our cis-gender counterparts, and are we as well as cis-gender to be equal in our double standards of sexuality and the expression of it when it comes to men and women?
Is their a double standard when it comes to male and female gender as well in transgender society?
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