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The best of times
— by Lee Anne Lee Anne
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." True of the time Dickens was writing about and true of where the Transgender movement finds itself today.
Trans over the age of 30 are probably the last generation to have the majority of its members transition after puberty. More and more young people are getting the help they deserve and will blend seamlessly into a society that has come to accept them. Or will they?
The right has almost certainly lost the battle over marriage equality and has now turned their sights on us. Draconian laws are being proposed in many state houses that seek to drive us back into the shadows.
Action will be needed to defend ourselves from this attack. We must increase our visibility and our activism. Fifty years ago Marsha and Sylvia began the movement and the past 10 years have seen remarkable progress. Let us vow not to take any steps back and to continue to march forward with our heads held high.